Cooling Tower Spare Parts: Comparison of 3 Attributes Between Forced and Induced Draft Parts

When building or repairing a cooling tower, you have the opportunity to choose parts, such as bearings, that would either transform the cooling tower into a forced draft model or an induced draft model. Forced draft cooling towers have tube sections that are installed to the discharge side of the fan, whereas induced draft cooling towers have them installed near the suction side of the fan. Both types of cooling towers possess advantages and disadvantages. 

Overall Efficiency Based on Air Distribution

The overall efficiency of cool air distribution will affect the performance of the cooling tower. In general, induced cooling tower parts are better at handing air distribution across the bundles because they have the capacity to better control airflow.

In comparison, the location of the tubes and the design of forced draft cooling towers cause them to be less efficient in this sense. The air distribution tends to be less uniform. 

Power Requirements Involved

The amount of power that is needed to power the cooling towers should also be another attribute that you should take into consideration. This attribute will affect the cost of your energy bills. In this area, forced draft cooling towers tend to be superior. The fan in these designs are located closer to the cold air streams.  As a result, a lower fan power is needed.

To achieve the same results, more power is required for induced draft cooling towers. This is due to the fact that the design of the parts for induced draft cooling towers are installed in a way that the fan is located amidst the warmer air streams. 

Maintenance Required

The amount of maintenance that is required for both forced draft cooling towers and induced draft cooling towers will also vary. Generally speaking, induced draft cooling towers are harder to maintain and inspect. The mechanical components and parts of these cooling towers are difficult to access because they are generally located in inconspicuous areas, such as behind tubing. Although they are difficult to access, they are also typically located in areas that are not exposed to external elements.

On the other hand, accessing forced draft cooling tower parts is a lot easier. The mechanical components and parts are located in easily accessible areas, like right behind the access panel. As these parts are easier to maintain, maintenance generally does not involve taking apart the entire tower. Although these parts are easy to access, they are usually also located in areas that are easily exposed to external elements.


When building or repairing cooling towers, the type of parts that you choose will affect whether the cooling towers rely on a forced draft system or an induced draft system. Both possess unique characteristics that make them suitable for different environments and conditions.