Benefits of solar hot water for seniors on a budget

Taking advantage of solar energy is a viable option for many Australian homeowners, however large-scale solar installations can be costly. If you're a senior on a limited income or pension you may think that solar energy is not within your budget; however installing a solar hot water system can be both affordable and worthwhile. Check out these benefits of solar hot water for seniors on a budget.

Save on your water heating costs

As water heating costs can amount to 16% of your annual energy bill, there are considerable savings to be made by switching to a solar hot water system. If you currently have an electric hot water storage system, installing a gas-boosted solar water heater could save you over $500 per year. This is a sizeable saving for seniors on a pension or limited income—perhaps that money could be better spent on keeping your home climate controlled in extreme temperatures, or even contributed to your private health insurance.

Lower your carbon footprint

Solar hot water systems are a great way to decrease your environmental impact by substantially reducing your carbon emissions. It can be difficult for seniors on a budget to find ways to significantly lower their carbon footprint, as many large-scale energy efficient changes require large financial investments. By installing a solar hot water system, you can reduce your emissions by up to four tonnes of CO2 annually—equivalent to the yearly emissions of a large car.

Install on a smaller residence

Having a large solar panel system installed on your roof requires a decent-sized roof space facing the right direction—something you may not have if you are in a smaller unit, granny flat or retirement village. As a solar hot water system only requires a small north-facing space on your roof, it's a suitable alternative for even the smallest residence. To discuss the viability of installing a solar hot water heater at your home, contact your local solar installation professional for personalised expert advice.

Take advantage of rebates and certificates

If you have a solar water heater installed that meets the criteria under the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Regulations 2001, you may be eligible to receive small-scale technology certificates. These certificates can be used as a form of currency, and can be sold on the renewable energy certificate market for a fluctuating price. How many certificates you are eligible for can be approximately calculated here depending on your system brand, model, installation date and postcode.

You may also be eligible for a rebate on your solar hot water system installation, however this varies in each state. These financial incentives make solar hot water a viable and appealing option for seniors on a budget. To discuss the range of solar hot water systems available in your area and price range, contact your local solar installation professional today.